Thanks Anoek and COOP Barelds’ customers in Holland

Thanks Anoek and COOP Barelds’ customers in Holland

A huge thank you goes out to Anoek Ratering in Holland. Anoek organised a fundraiser at the COOP Barelds in Rolde where she works. Customers there were able to donate their change to support Zambezi Sunrise over the summer and the COOP kindly doubled the amount...

More support from Holland

Zambezi Sunrise have recently received a donation from Dutch photographers Hans en Grietje. The funds were raised at two exhibitions of their work in Breda and Amsterdam which included images of Nekacheya School who we support. Some of the images also feature in this...

Wylam jumble sale makes £1166.14

Just an update on the Wylam jumble sale that took place on October 7th. The total raised now stands at £1166.14. Thank you again to all the volunteer assistants as well as everyone who donated items and attended the sale.