Linking schools

Zambezi Sunrise are delighted to have facilitated twinning arrangements, as well as less formal links, between schools in Zambia and the U.K. and Australia. The first was between Nekacheya School in Livingstone and Shotley Bridge Primary School in County Durham, England. The pupils at both schools have regularly exchanged artwork, cards and other greetings as well as taking part in video links. A Zambezi Sunrise trustee  taught three years in a row at Nekacheya. Shotley Bridge have, through their fundraising walk, hugely enhanced the library at Nekacheya. The class reading sets they have funded help with literacy every day. 

Linda Community School in Livingstone enjoy a link with several schools in England. With each of them they have had ongoing letter exchanges and video links.

Cramlington Village Primary School in Northumberland was the first of these. Cramlington adopted one of the first classrooms being built at Linda and their future fundraising will go towards it.  Cramlington have fundraised for Linda and look forward to developing their relationship in the future. 

Durham School and their junior schools, The Chorister School and Bow, have also adopted one of the new classrooms that has been built at Linda Community School, and their ongoing fundraising has greatly assisted us there. As well as fundraising, they have made a very large uniform donation that will be ongoing for several years.

Hesleden Primary School in County Durham made the initial used book donation that formed the core of the library we have developed at Linda Community School. They have also made uniform donations and fundraised with a sponsored walk, a ‘colour run’ and other activities. 

Dr Thomlinson’s C of E Middle School in Rothbury, Northumberland have also raised money through a sponsored walk. They too  benefit from a letter exchange and video links with Linda Community School. 

Stobhillgate First School in Morpeth, Northumberland, became involved with us through a very large donation of uniform that was distributed at Linda Community School. They have since enjoyed a series of letter exchanges and video links.

New End Primary School in Hampstead, England made a donation of t-shirts that were transported by one of our supporters and given to Linda Community School. They subsequently enjoyed an exchange of greetings and questions by video link.

Great and Little Shelford C of E Primary School  in Cambridgeshire have helped with a donation of uniform that has gone to Linda Community School.

In Australia, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Primary School in Randwick, New South Wales, kindly held a fundraiser that paid for new desks at Linda Community School. 

Invitations are invited from other schools who would like to explore a similar arrangement or otherwise support Zambezi Sunrise.