Linking schools

Zambezi Sunrise are delighted to have facilitated two twinning arrangements between schools in Zambia and the U.K.

The first was between Nekacheya School in Livingstone and Shotley Bridge Primary School in County Durham, England. The pupils at both schools have exchanged artwork, cards and other greetings and look forward to cooperating in the future. A Zambezi Sunrise trustee has taught three years in a row at Nekacheya and has talked to the pupils at Shotley Bridge about them both before and after his visits there. Shotley Bridge have, through their fundraising walk, hugely enhanced the library at Nekacheya. The class reading sets they have funded help with literacy every day.

Linda Community School in Livingstone enjoy a twinning with Cramlington Village Primary School in Northumberland, England. They have also exchanged greetings – by letter and videolink – as well as artwork. Cramlington have fundraised for Linda and look forward to developing their relationship in the future.

Invitations are invited from other schools who would like to explore a similar arrangement or otherwise support Zambezi Sunrise.