Here’s a nice story about international cooperation to get things done. Zambezi Sunrise (in the U.K.) helped set up and assist Linda Sunrise Pre School and Homework Club in Livingstone, Zambia. Medical volunteers have helped there in the past but been hampered by a lack of supplies. Last week eight Canadian volunteers from Ryerson University in Toronto made a joint donation to help out. Former volunteer Michelle Hansen in America used her medical contacts (including Robert DeMarco in Canada) to draw up a list of what was needed. Present volunteer Alex Clarkson from Australia has found and purchased the supplies in Zambia. The new first aid kit has already been put to use on day one on infected cuts. As well as usual items, it is well stocked with much needed anti fungal creams, eye and ear drops, Imodium, pain killers and emergency burn kits and creams. This is now an exceptionally well stocked resource. Massive thanks to Alex, Michelle and Robert, and to Sophia Smith, Breiligh McCrank, Alessia Palmier, Sydney Bartos, Josiah Jarvenpaa, Jacob Neil, Courtney Cameron and Andrea Josic who made the donation.