Here’s a BOREing fundraiser – but one that’s important.

Please support Alex Clarkson and help us get reliable water for Linda Community School and Homework Club by going to:

Alex Clarkson has been in Zambia and helping us in a variety of ways. With her help, the new school facilities at Linda Community School are now also used by the children of Homework Club. The school currently relies on mains piped water, which unfortunately is intermittent at best. When the water gets turned off there is no drinking water, or water to flush the toilets, and the school has to close for the day. A vegetable garden has also recently been introduced to support the feeding programme: it also needs watering. We are delighted to support Alex’s fundraising to get reliable water. We are now appealing for funds to dig a bore hole and install a pump at the new school site. This will provide drinking water in conjunction with our water purifier systems, ensure the toilets can flush, assist the vegetable garden and reduce the school water bill. This will assist the 470 children of Linda Community School as well as dozens of children from Homework Club. Thank you!!!