Here’s the latest dispatch from our American supporter Jonathan who is driving a van from Portugal to Romania. He decided to promote a good cause with his white van and chose Zambezi Sunrise Trust. Thanks Jonathan!

”Budapest hungary. November 25th 1953, the single most important day in Hungarian History. Hungary beats England 6 to 3. And yes, Zambezi Sunrise Trust was parked where all the tourists come to take a picture.

The team Captain, however, was NOT in this gigantic mural. Why you ask? (Ok so maybe you didn’t ask), but Zambezi Sunrise Trust, the most transparent group of charitable givers I know, would want you all to have the scoop.

The Team Captains manager, wanted to big a fee, for his clients face to be up there. So now, thousands come each year to see this mural, and he is forgotten, because of greed.

Thats why I love all of you who help build and nourish a greed-free organization like Zambezi Sunrise Trust. Thank you all for just caring about kids. No fancy murals. No advertising execs. No Marketers. Just real people like you. Thank you.

Next up: Zambezi Sunrise Trust in Transylvania.”