Here’s the text from a mini feature on Zambezi Sunrise in the latest IVHQ newsletter. IVHQ is the world’s largest volunteer travel organisation. Zambezi Sunrise has benefitted from the support of many IVHQ volunteers over the last three years. Huge thanks to all of them!

“We’re on a mission to empower each and every traveler to make a meaningful difference in the community they’re exploring. And, we’re genuinely inspired by the incredible impact that our volunteers are making through their combined efforts and ongoing support for their host communities.

Take husband and wife duo John and Joanne, who volunteered on our Teaching project in Zambia. They begun their journey as volunteers in 2016 and today, they’re still making an impact in the very place it all started with their incredible initiative, Zambezi Sunrise Trust.

With the help and donations of many past and present volunteers from around the globe, Zambezi Sunrise Trust has been successful in establishing a number of valuable initiatives that are having a lasting impact on the local community in Livingstone. This includes the construction of a brand new classroom at Linda Community School where IVHQ volunteers now have some of their Teaching placements. The work at this school has led to even more awesome projects, such as a volunteer-run homework club and sponsored walks, which all contribute to helping improve access to education in the local community. Epic work John and Joanne!”