We’ve recently had a particularly touching donation. Rachel Plunk-Noble, from Texas, volunteered in Zambia in early 2017 as a medical volunteer with IVHQ. While there she met two of our trustees, Joanne and John, and saw what Zambezi Sunrise does. 15 months later, Rachel just got married and we have received a surprise generous donation from their wedding funds from her and new husband Uriel with this lovely message: “This charity is so close to my heart. I’ve seen it working in person, I’ve seen it change lives. As part of our wedding fund, we’re donating. Keep changing lives!”
It is always great to hear from those we’ve met and worked with in Zambia but this was pretty special!!! HUGE thanks to Rachel for remembering us – we’ll do just as you ask and keep on changing lives. Our very best wishes go to this great couple for their future.