Last month donations from America helped improve the facilities at Homework Club. Rachel Johansen in Houston, Texas, and her colleagues at Kimiko Designs (furniture planners) donated towards the end of last year and asked that we put the funds towards helping Homework Club – so that’s what we did. One of the class structures was suffering from the attention of termites so the upright wooden posts have been replaced by metal poles. On the other class structure the side panels have been replaced with solid boards – a lick of blackboard paint on them has meant that we have also doubled the blackboard capacity. The new toilets and sinks have finally been plumbed in and connected to the sewerage system. New fencing has gone up at the rear of the property to provide added privacy and security for the children, and shelving has been put up on the walls of the new storage unit. All of this will also help Linda Sunrise Pre – School, as well as Tiyese (‘Let’s Try’) Craft Initiative who also use the facilities. Thank you Rachel and Kimiko Designs!