This isn’t just a picture of children with boxes of books! There is a story of people overcoming real difficulties behind it…..
We were delighted to receive photos of a book donation arriving last week at Njokomalomo Basic School in a remote area of Barotseland / Western Province. They have had quite a journey. Their arrival in Zambia came about through Book Aid International. Zambezi Sunrise Trust has secured donations a couple of times a year to three schools we support. The books were located with the Chief Librarian of Zambia in the capital, Lusaka. The head teacher of Nekacheya School, Grace Malambo, made the 950 kilometre round trip to get them as far as Livingstone in March. Last week Father Boris, the founder of nearby Njoko Mission, did the 500 kilometre round trip to Livingstone from Njoko to get them to the school (which also involved crossing a wide section of the Zambezi river in a small boat). 1450 kilometres / 900 miles of driving, often on extremely bad roads. We are extremely grateful to them both, and look forward to schools being reopened and the books being used. They are really needed, and will be greatly appreciated. Huge thanks to all our donors who make things like this possible.