These photos mark something of a milestone. As followers of this page will know, Zambezi Sunrise has built a school for over 500 vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia. Seven classrooms have been constructed for the seven primary grades at Linda Community School. On completing their Grade 7 primary education, however, many children were not able to go on to secondary education because they couldn’t afford basic entry requirements at a secondary school. The solution? We’ve expanded the school. Last year saw the first ever Grade 8, who have now become the new Grade 9. The school, of course, had no Grade 9 textbooks. The photos show Grade 9 pupils with some of their new textbooks, donated by Zambezi Sunrise. A shout out also goes to our friends at Okodwela, an American non profit, who donated the very smart uniforms.
We will soon be building dedicated classrooms for Grades 8 and 9. We also need to enlarge the water storage provision at the expanding school. You can help by donating to our specific April ’Walk For Water’ fundraiser at