Since the beginning of the charity we’ve had a lot of support from Women’s Institutes in England, and have given a series of talks to them. Our last live talk was in County Durham in March, just before the U.K. lockdown. Since then all our booked presentations have had to be postponed, until last night. Alston W.I. in Cumbria were the first organisation to ask us to address their members via a Zoom meeting and we were delighted to give their ladies a visual presentation on what we do. We were particularly delighted to focus on Alston native Josie Hind and her amazing work knitting over 1,000 bears, as well as making blankets, hats, dresses, shorts and bunting for us to distribute in Zambia. We look forward to accepting Alston W.I.’s invitation to ‘return’ and meet them in person next year to give them an update.
We’re pleased to say that the Zoom format worked. If any other organisation is starting to meet virtually and would like a presentation, please just get in touch!