We have had internet problems this week so there is a bit to catch up on!

Term has started and the rains have never ended! At Nekacheya School the week began with pupils reading letters and cards from ‘Teacher Esther’ van Bostelen in Holland whose school has raised 276 euros for them recently. We were delighted to deliver them and they formed a great basis for literacy classes.

The week ended at Nekacheya with the presentation of greetings cards from their twin school, Shotley Bridge Primary School in England. The children will be looking at the individual class greetings next week.

The rains got the better of our outdoor presentation so we moved indoors to give the school a suitcase full of musical intruments kindly donated by Domini and Paul Bocock. Band practice is already set!!! The children were instantly beating out a great rhythm. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.

On the same day Joanne helped headteacher Grace produce an electronic version of the master timetable. As in any school, this is going to take a little time!