Some photos from a book presentation at Nekacheya School, Livingstone. The week saw the issuing of books in five key subjects to each Grade Six child. This means each Grade 5, 6 and 7 pupil has their own textbooks – something unprecedented here. Some of the funding for the Grade Six books came from fundraising by Esther Van Bostelen in Holland and Denali Kincaid in America (both ex IVHQ volunteers who taught at Nekacheya). The photos show Denali’s old class with their new books, as well as one of our trustees wearing one of the ‘Nekacheya’ T-shirts that Denali designed to raise funds. At the lower end of the school, we also presented ‘Tongue Twister’ books that were donated by the author in the UK, Alicia Ward-Yarrow. These marvellous books will help the children learn to read through the use of phonics as well as provide many hours of fun.