We’ve received these photos from Christian Meagher of work on Friday at our Linda Community School project. The footings of the ablution block are effectively completed, with Christian and Benjamin Bugueno again helping the construction team. Michelle Mc Hugh, Tanisha Krupke, Taylor Smith-Tohu and Isis Castro got a welcome relief from this week’s heat and helped paint some of the finishing touches on the classroom. Will Gray and Leslie Moenne-Loccoz made further progress on their great mural. We are very grateful to them all for the hard work they put in over a very hot week. Their enthusiasm was all the more impressive as most arrived as IVHQ volunteers in Zambia expecting to teach but found the schools closed at short notice because of cholera. Tanisha Krupke spent nearly the entirety of her time in Zambia working on our Zambezi Sunrise Trust project in Linda – we wish her well on her return to South Africa.